Curt Bramble–One of Utah's MOST effective Legislators.
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Curt Bramble - Founding Fathers 2016

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Meet the Candidate

Important Legislation

Here's a list of a few of the bills Senator Bramble has sponsored. To learn more about the details you can search on the Legislative website under his name and the bill number.

Meet the Candidate

Curt Represents Us Well

Curt is known as one of Utah's most effective legislators. Those that have worked closely with Curt through the years on important legislative efforts speak about their experiences.

  • Senator Bramble is an extremely effective legislator. He fights hard for Provo and conservative issues and has always been accessible to me and those he represents.
    John Curtis, Mayor of Provo
  • After the trauma of HB477...lawmakers never wanted to hear of public records or GRAMA again...But Sen. Curt Bramble ... being Bramble ... seized the opportunity. On behalf of the Legislature, he apologized and pushed legislation to actually strengthen GRAMA. Continue reading →
    Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb, Deseret News, March 4 2012
  • From the beginning of the GRAMA controversy, Bramble and neighboring senator John Valentine of Orem stood behind openness. They promised to ride out the tsunami of acrimony between lawmakers and the public, and then come back and get it right after things cooled down. We have now seen the result, and it's a good one. Continue reading →
    Daily Herald Opinion, February 22, 2012
  • Genuine politics is simply a matter of serving those around us and those who will come after us. Curt Bramble is a man of service.
    Jane Carlile, former Provo Municipal Council Member
  • Curt and his wife Susan have been consistent in their support of Utah’s Education System. They regularly donate their time and resources to Provo’s schools. We need Curt in the Legislature.
    Colleen Densley, Principal, Wasatch Elementary
  • Curt Bramble is a master at bringing people to the table and crafting consensus between opposing factions.
    Deseret News

Message from Senator Curt Bramble

Whether you're new to Senate District 16 or a long-time resident, I want to update you on all that we have accomplished as a Senate District. As your Senator, I am promoting a healthy business environment and funding education through economic growth — not tax increases. I want our Utah businesses and families to thrive. As your Senator representing the District, I have:

  • Co-sponsored and passed the largest tax cut in state history
  • Passed the bill to make Obamacare illegal in Utah
  • Voted to repeal a bill that harmed transparency

I'm asking for your support to continue the fight to rebuild our economy. Utah's economy is healthy in part to the policies of the Legislature in creating jobs and keeping our state the "Best Managed State" in the nation. I'm there to keep it that way so Utahns can support their families and educate their children. I'm confident that working together we can continue to make great strides.


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