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Preparing for the Fiscal Challenges Ahead

A bill package called Financial Ready Utah is being presented to the Utah Legislature. Senators Henderson, Harper and Osmond recently held a press conference to explain the purpose of the legislation is to prepare Utah to be lesss dependent on federal money. We cannot just sever ourse

Bills I’m sponsoring

I wanted to introduce you to some of the bills and issues, I’m working on including an additional measure to increase accessibility for the public to public records through enhanced GRAMA efforts. Last year, I worked and passed a bill that enhanced government transparency and access t

Obamacare Impacts on Utah

How Utah will handle the new healthcare requirements is another upcoming issue that will affect state funds and policy on several levels. The federal government has promised the States information about how the Affordable Care Act Exchange (Obamacare) will operate and how it will be f

Town Hall Meeting

Senator Bramble, Speaker Lockhart, Representative Sanpei and Representative Stratton joined together to hold a Town Hall Meeting. Thank you to all the people who came. We had an engaging and interesting discussion about upcoming policies, economic development, education, federal manda

Interim Committee Summaries

August: The Executive Development and Workforce Services Committee heard a report from Kristen Cox, the executive director of the Department of Workforce Services on SB 37, “Intergenerational Poverty Provisions” passed by Senator Reid in the 2012 session. Ms. Cox reported

Senator Bramble Earns Media Coalition’s 2012 Shining Light Award

Senator Curt Bramble earned the Media Coalitions 2012 Shining Light Award for his work on strengthening Utah’s open government laws. In response to the outcry of HB477, the confrontation was replaced by a working group to examine all of the issues surrounding the Government Reco

Update 2012-Week 5

I hope you had a great Washington and Lincoln day with your family. It was nice to have a short break. I spent the day skiing with my family at Solitude and then enjoyed a night with my grandchildren. The third Tuesday in February is a federal holiday that recognizes George Washington

The American Dream

The authors of Utah’s Constitution had been forced to flee from the United States to secure their access to the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This spirit and principle guided Utah’s leaders as they established the new State, and it continues to guide them toda