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Hero on the Hill

Senator Bramble learned this afternoon that he is receiving the Hero on the Hill award from The Legislative Coalition for People with Disabilities (LCPD). The award honors the work accomplished by Legislators on behalf of people with disabilities. The group champions and advocates for

Supreme Court Hearing Starts Monday on ObamaCare

It’s the two-year anniversary of ObamaCare and on Monday, Utah’s fight goes to the Supreme Court to determine whether it is constitutional to force a mandate that requires American’s to purchase health coverage. In 2010 the State Legislature passed legislation prohib

Senator Bramble Earns Media Coalition’s 2012 Shining Light Award

Senator Curt Bramble earned the Media Coalitions 2012 Shining Light Award for his work on strengthening Utah’s open government laws. In response to the outcry of HB477, the confrontation was replaced by a working group to examine all of the issues surrounding the Government Reco
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Senator Bramble awarded 2012 Legislator of the Year

  Awarded by Utah Technology Council, fostering the growth of Utah’s 6,000 technology companies. The Curt Bramble for Senate campaign learned today that Senator Bramble is being awarded The 2012 Legislator of the Year Award from the Utah Technology Council, one of Utah’s premier

The Kind of Government Utahns Want To Have

The United States Constitution is a limit on the powers of the federal government, and, since the passage of the Fourteenth Amendment, it is also a limit on the powers of the states. This idea of limiting government was understood not only by the nation’s Founding Fathers, but also by