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Week 4 Video update – 2017

2017 Legislative Session – Week 2

Dear Friends and Neighbors, Week 2 of the 2017 Legislative Session is in the books! A total of 11 bills have passed through the entire legislature but committee agendas and reading calendars are filling up with bills in a hurry.  We typically spend more time at the beginning of the se

2017 Legislative Session – Week 1

Dear Friends and Neighbors, Welcome to the 2017 Legislative Session! The session was opened by former Senate President Al Mansell who swore in our current Senate President Wayne Niederhauser. President Niederhauser’s inspiring opening remarks called for a rebalance of power between th

Interim Day at the Legislature

Our legislature is part-time and the bulk of our efforts is in session during the last week of January to the middle of March. There are interim days every few months where we meet and are updated and in some cases, if the Governor calls a special session, we take legislative action.

Week 5 Letter Home

Dear Friends and Neighbors, As Week 5 of the 2016 Utah General Legislative Session comes to a close, I’d like to update you on the latest from Utah’s Capitol Hill. My next town hall meeting is Wednesday, March  2 at the Provo City Library.  There will also be one on Saturday, March 5 

Week 4 Letter Home

Dear Friends and Neighbors, We’ve reached the end of week four of the 2016 General Session. In my experience, the next few weeks promise to be quite a whirlwind of hearings, debates, and decisions. From here on out, we’ll meet exclusively in Standing Committee meetings and on the Sena

Week 3 Letter Home

Dear Friends and Neighbors, Week 3 of the 2016 Legislative Session is already over – time is really flying by now! We’ve just wrapped up a long week of committee meetings, budget balancing, and two-a-days on the Senate floor. If you haven’t been reading the Senate’s daily journal page

The Last Week

Joint resolution for a Balanced Budget Utah is now the 26th state to pass a resolution supporting the idea of adding an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would require a balanced budget. There’s been a lot of talk about federal debt and federal spending. In the Consitution

Coming into the Final Week

Please Join Us on Saturday Morning I hope you will join us for an informative Legislative Update. If you have questions about bills, issues, policy, come join us. Saturday, March 7th, 9 am – 10am Utah Valley Regional Medical Center Northwest Plaza – Clark Auditorium Corner

Working on the Budget

There are many very important issues that we will address in the coming weeks. But top among those issues is the budget. In Utah, we are known for exercising fiscal caution. We are required by our state Constitution to pass a balanced budget, something that many other states and obvio