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Week 5 – 2017 Legislative Session

Dear Friends and Neighbors, We are holding a town hall next Saturday (March 4) at 9:15 in the Clark Auditorium (Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, Northwest Plaza, on the corner of 500 W. and Bulldog Blvd. in Provo). We will have a continental breakfast. Please come and discuss the

2017 Legislative Session – Week 3

Dear Friends and Neighbors, Week 3 of the 2017 Legislative Session is in the books! A total of 50 bills have passed through the legislature while committee agendas and reading calendars continue to be filled with more bills. Public Lands continue to be one of the biggest issues facing

A Strong Advocate for Conservative Values

State Senator Curt Bramble is a strong advocate for our shared conservative values. Protecting unborn children As a father and a grandfather, Curt Bramble is staunchly pro-life. That’s why he worked to pass first-of-a-kind legislation recognizing the rights of unborn children to

Special Event: District 16 Families

If you are a part of our Senate District 16, we have a special event for you and your family. Please bring your family and join me at Fox Field for free breakfast from Magleby’s Restaurant and a tethered hot air balloon ride over our beautiful community. WHAT: Free Magleby’s Breakfast

Real Collaboration: Defending Transparency

No government can be of the people, by the people or for the people unless it is open to the people. Your representatives are your voice on Capitol Hill, and you have the right to know exactly what they are doing on your behalf. Public records should be accessible. In the event of a d