Curt Bramble–One of Utah's MOST effective Legislators.
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Curt Bramble - Founding Fathers 2016

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Meet the Candidate

Important Legislation

Here's a list of a few of the bills Senator Bramble has sponsored. To learn more about the details you can search on the Legislative website under his name and the bill number.

Meet the Candidate

Curt Represents Us Well

Curt is known as one of Utah's most effective legislators. Those that have worked closely with Curt through the years on important legislative efforts speak about their experiences.

  • I’ve worked closely with Senator Bramble to sponsor the fetal legislation bill. He’s a consensus builder and extremely effective. I have appreciated his leadership on state's rights and depend on his strong voice at this important time as we are working to rebalance federal overreach.

    Representative Keven Stratton
  • Senator Bramble has been a real leader in the State Legislature for many years. I’ve been amazed at the ability of Curt to understand complex problems and issues, and come up with solutions that better the State. It’s rare in todays political world that candidates are willing to get involved on truly solving hard problems, instead of speaking in philosophical platitudes, that do little to resolve difficult challenges posed by competing interests. It takes a real leader to be willing to jump in, accept that divisiveness and vilification that may come with working for a solution, and yet still stay on task to actually find solutions. I’ve seen Curt do this over and over again in diverse areas – health care, tax law, education issues, election processes and many other difficult areas that most legislators aren’t willing or able to find solutions and build the constituency base required to get action. The State is benefited by his determined style and his willingness to get involved when few others are willing to take the risks associated with these issues. Many comment that he’s hard to talk to, but I’ve always found him willing to listen, truly consider the issues, to learn and act as appropriate, to make things better. I’m not in his district, but can tell you he’s a benefit to his district, the community and to the citizens of the State of Utah.
    Scott Barlow, Revere Health
  • Senator Curt Bramble is an extremely effective legislator. As the Co-chair of the Business & Labor Committee I have personally seen that Curt is constantly looking out for and effectively advocates on behalf of his constituents.
    Representative Val Peterson
  • I’ve witnessed first-hand the negative results caused by secrecy in our political process. Curt Bramble has worked to demand transparency from our government and elected officials and that’s why I’m proud to endorse his reelection for the Utah State Senate.
    Representative Brad Daw
  • After the trauma of HB477...lawmakers never wanted to hear of public records or GRAMA again...But Sen. Curt Bramble ... being Bramble ... seized the opportunity. On behalf of the Legislature, he apologized and pushed legislation to actually strengthen GRAMA. Continue reading →
    Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb, Deseret News, March 4 2012
  • From the beginning of the GRAMA controversy, Bramble and neighboring senator John Valentine of Orem stood behind openness. They promised to ride out the tsunami of acrimony between lawmakers and the public, and then come back and get it right after things cooled down. We have now seen the result, and it's a good one. Continue reading →
    Daily Herald Opinion, February 22, 2012
  • Genuine politics is simply a matter of serving those around us and those who will come after us. Curt Bramble is a man of service.
    Jane Carlile, former Provo Municipal Council Member
  • Curt and his wife Susan have been consistent in their support of Utah’s Education System. They regularly donate their time and resources to Provo’s schools. We need Curt in the Legislature.
    Colleen Densley, Principal, Wasatch Elementary
  • Curt Bramble is a master at bringing people to the table and crafting consensus between opposing factions.
    Deseret News

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Who is Senator Curt Bramble

Curt Bramble is a master at bringing people to the table, crafting consensus between opposing factions, and finding principle driven solutions with successful outcomes in protecting unborn children, defending local control of education, demanding government transparency, establishing state energy policy, reducing and reforming Utah’s tax structure, preserving the caucus system, reforming RDA’s, addressing comprehensive immigration policy, and protecting our God-given rights. Instrumental in ethics legislation, strengthening GRAMA legislation for more open government, Curt continues to lead on issues that have kept Utah one of the Best Managed States for over 10 consecutive years.

Recognized in Utah and nationally as Legislator of the Year, Curt serves as President of National Conference of State Legislature and is a lifetime legacy member of the American Legislative Exchange Council. He served for four years in Utah Senate leadership. As liaison to the Iraqi Democracy project, Curt worked with opposing factions to teach the skills of crafting consensus legislation.

He earned Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Accounting from Brigham Young University and founded Bramble & Company CPA’s, later merging with Gilbert & Stewart CPA’s. He’s a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Utah Association of Certified Public Accountants.

While a student at Brigham Young University, Curt met Susan Mackay. They married in 1978 and are the parents of six children and have twelve wonderful grandchildren.

I Ask for Your Vote

I'm asking for your support to continue the fight to protect unborn children, demand transparency from government, defend local control of education, and fight federal overreach. I ask for your trust and your vote on Tuesday, June 28th.